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Hello Crissey: DIY Tattoo Tights/Stockings Tutorial


Sorry for not posting often! :( But as promised, here’s another easy DIY tutorial! :) I’ve been seeing this trend for quite sometime now and I think it really looks cute ! I’ll be teaching you how to transfer your design/drawing on to your stockings. If you want to use a design you found on the internet, please make sure you’re going to use it personally / do not make any form of profit from the material — better yet, contact the artist and ask permission if you can use his/her illustration/design :) Art theft is not cool. There are dozens of sites that provide stock illustration/vector/materials — all of which you can use! (Make sure to read the copyright/description before downloading and using any)


• Tights / Stockings (nude or beige)

• Fabric Pen (Available in bookstores / office warehouse) — If you can find FABRIC PAINT PENS that will be much better and fade/smudge proof

• Carton / Used folder

• Masking Tape



Print out your design (8.5” x 11”). If you’re using a black pen, it’ll be better if you print it out in gray/light color so you won’t get confused when you’re tracing over the design.

After printing out the desired design, tape the sheet on to your carton/folder. Make sure to tape all sides to avoid any paper movements. 



Once attached, roll up your carton until you form an arch.

Tip: You can measure the arch width using your thigh :p

Tape both sides to hold the cartons form/ hold it in place


Step 3:

Insert your carton inside the leg of your stockings.

Make sure to push it down to the area where the stockings start to get thinner. *see dotted lines ~ Please note that the area above the dotted lines will not be visible unless of course you’re going commando/no shorts/no skirt HEHE :p


Step 4:

Grabe your fabric pen and carefully trace over the lineart :)
PS: Buy the fine tip pen to make tracing details easier.
Be patient! :))
Step 5:

Allow the ink to settle in and dry overnight *just to be sure* although it dries as fast as 5 min ._. hihi
You should have something like this.
Super easy right? :) Show me yours if you make one ^u^ Hope this helps! 
This is super cheap too! Cost me around P40 (stockings) and (P75) for the pen ~ roughly P150? :)
Likes, comments, and shares are always loved <3

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